About Us

Reset Investment Management was founded in 2017 to provide individual investors with true investment management.  What that means is going back to the roots of investing, finding opportunities to grow savings through favorable risk/reward scenarios.  This is very different than "parking" one's money in markets and assuming historical returns will just magically happen.  Studies show that due to fees and mistakes investors actually receive well below average market returns(Danbar research).  The investment management and financial advising industries do not reveal that information and seem to purposefully confuse investors and provide little service for high fees.  Reset IM's mission is to be client focused and allow others to benefit from the experience and ability of a quality investment manager.


Tim Alford

Reset IM Founder

Career Highlights:

  • Portfolio manager James Alpha Global Enhanced Real Return Fund, a public mutual fund

  • Senior Portfolio Manager and Head Trader at former Pimco partner John Brynjolfsson’s Armored  Wolf hedge fund, which also served as the manager of an Eaton Vance mutual fund with $1billion of assets

  • Portfolio Manager and Head Trader of Peter Thiel’s Clarium Capital hedge fund with over $5billion in assets

  • Portfolio Manager and Head Trader at CRG Funds, a $1billion global macro fund whose largest investor was the California public employees pension fund

Reset IM founder Tim Alford has spent his entire career seeking the truth about investing and financial markets, with one goal in mind, find the best way to generate returns better than market averages at lower risk.  Average market returns and the inherently large volatility are unacceptable for savings and retirement planning.

This journey has taken him from trading assistant to senior portfolio manager to hedge fund manager.  He has traded and managed portfolios at Wall Street and regional banks, commodity trading advisors, energy companies, small and large asset managers, and small to large hedge funds.  He has also started his own funds and investment management companies.  His focus has been global macro investing, identifying trends and opportunities across multiple asset classes.

His discovery has been that yes, a good investor can add value and generate better risk-adjusted returns than market averages.  While good analysis and insight are necessary, the differentiating factors for success are objectivity, discipline, and a lack of hubris, which counter the prevalent human emotions fear and greed which lead to the downfall of most investors, including professional money managers.  These qualities can only be gained by concerted effort and years and dedicated study and practice.  Tim focuses intensely on staying objective and seeking favorable risk/reward opportunities for his clients.

While historically having managed investments primarily for institutions, Tim desires to spend the remainder of his career helping individuals, whom he believes are poorly served by the majority of the financial advising and investment management industry.

Tim graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Dartmouth College in 1990.  He is a product of Northeast Ohio and currently resides in Moraga, California with is wife and 3 kids.