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Reset IM aims to be completely different from the mainstream financial advisory and investment management firms that hand out cookie-cutter, templated advice.


We customize advice for each client.  The primary objective is to truly determine risk tolerance, which starts by clearly and accurately expressing true investing risks.  Rather than thoroughly discussing risks in markets and various strategies, most advisors and firms will simply tell clients the market "can't be beat" and "always comes back in the long run", so all investors should just buy and hold.  This conveniently allows them to plug clients into computer-model-driven asset allocations that just so happen to not require a lot of resources from the firm or time from a financial advisor so they can focus on getting more clients and advising as many as possible.

We believe that strategy entails a lot more risk than is commonly expressed.  Investors following it historically would have experienced large, 50%+ account losses periodically.  The timing of  recovery from that and the ineffective behavior that it leads to could threaten retirement planning significantly.

We believe clients that are comfortable with a buy-and-hold strategy after understanding the risks and don't want to take active management risk can be served at a much lower fee schedule than the industry norm, much lower.

Our managed strategies are driven by our investment philosophy based in economic and market fundamentals combined with investor behavior.  Fundamentals drive markets' large moves.  Valuations are the major determinant of long term returns.  Investor sentiment drives short term moves.  By identifying these factors successfully, risk can be managed to avoid large draw down losses and improve overall returns and the profile of returns.  Please note, this approach is very different from just about all advisors, who simply offer a traditional buy-and-hold strategy and dismiss everything else.

While our investment strategies and philosophy certainly make us different, our key stand-out is that we are completely client focused, evidenced in our independent business structure, low fee structure, and motivation to help individual investors.