Why the name? 

A reset is needed. 

Reset Investment Management believes the entire financial advising and investment management industry needs to be reset.  Years ago, managers made investments based on merit.  Over the past 30 years investing has become dumping saved funds into various asset classes spread over all securities, regardless of merit.  Blindly investing in market indices like this doesn’t match investors’ saving and spending cycle, creating a substantial risk of receiving returns below historic averages and financial plans. 


The past 40 years have created complacency.  It is historically a very short period of time, and actual risk is much higher than most realize.  Hiding behind "no one can beat the market" has allowed investment firms to utilize the same model for all clients, thus maximizing their revenue with minimum resources and little value added--a very good model, for them.  At Reset IM we believe every investment should have merit and such focus will produce favorable results over time, regardless of what “the markets” do.  Investing should entail preserving and intelligently growing savings, not managing around some benchmark.  


We further believe management fees are too high and improperly structured.  Fees should be fixed, not based on account size.


Reset IM was founded from the motivation to offer honesty and integrity alongside investing skill, all of which we think are lacking in the industry.  Our founder has 27 years of experience managing investments, not selling or acquiring clients and putting their money into generic models.  We offer comprehensive help, not just with stocks, bonds, or funds, but also with 401k plan allocations, private investments, and any personal situation.


Look through this info to gain more insight. We can help you understand risk and have realistic return expectations, offer you multiple strategies including one that we believe will do better than market averages with lower risk, provide help with your 401k, review your personal situation, and do it all at low, fixed fees. If it piques your interest, have a no-pressure conversation with us to see the difference.  Our goal is to help investors, whether you become a client or not.  We believe over time you will gain trust in us and therefore comfort with your investment plan, peace of mind which is valuable and underestimated. 


Our last belief to share is the timing to reconsider your investing approach is now.  Markets are extremely richly valued  and therefore precariously set for very low returns and potentially, a nasty reset, possibly a historic one from which it will take much longer than typical to recover, severely harming returns and financial/retirement planning.