401K Solution

Investors often have a majority of their retirement savings in their 401k account at their employer.  This is typically the right avenue, as it provides tax savings and often an employer match. 

The issue, however, is investors are captive to the plan administrator chosen by the employer.  These are often large companies once again trying to maximize fees and minimize resources.  They or the third party administering the plan typically provide a representative to help investors choose their allocations and investment vehicles.  While these reps have the necessary qualifications and some level of training, they are typically not extensively experienced in investment management.

For knowledgeable investors that know how they want to invest, this is fine.  For those that want more expertise, or their account managed in a different manner, they are out of luck.  This is where Reset IM steps in and aims to change the industry. 

We are offering to help investors choose their strategy and investments, and even implement it into their account, all for a subscription fee and not an additional percentage of assets management fee.

We offer three levels of assistance:

  • Allocation selection ($25 per month):  When our portfolio stance changes under a long term allocation or risk-managed approach, chosen by you, we update you by email and you change your 401k portfolio yourself to line up with our suggestion.  This requires just a very basic knowledge of asset categories.

  • Fund selection notification ($50 per month):  We study your specific allocation choices.  When our portfolio stance changes we send you notification of what selections to change and by how much.  You make the changes after very clear directions.

  • Full account management ($75 per month):  You grant Reset IM limited power of attorney to manage your account.  This allows us to change selections directly in your account when our strategy stance changes.  You do nothing.  This arrangement does not allow us to move any funds in or out of the account and is the same arrangement with any investment advisor.


While this technology allows us to streamline the process, it does not detract from our personal service and you will have the ability to talk directly with our experts.

If you have any questions, please send them via our contact page.

If you would like to subscribe, please select the link below.

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