• Tim Alford

Making A Call

Having been professionally active in markets for 30 years, I know better than to make predictions. NO ONE has a good track record of making market predictions. Successful investment managers manage exposure through probability and risk assessment. As we've been saying at Reset IM for some time, market conditions are precarious. Now economic conditions have deteriorated. A recession is likely (not a prediction, statistical assessment relative to past recessions). Positive market trends are unlikely to survive much longer, though central banks' response to the recession could create one last, ephemeral rally. Regardless, the risk is now too great for investors to remain invested. The ideal approach is a risk-managed one that could catch any final rally but exit after or if it doesn't occur, as we offer at Reset IM. For others, the message is clear, GET OUT OF RISK MARKETS NOW.

Reset IM will be making every effort to get that message out and help as many investors as possible. If you share any of these concerns, please contact us and we can show you how we can help.

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