Our Services

Reset IM can help investors in many ways.  Clients interested in mapping out potential financial paths can go through a planning exercise to gain comfort with the possibilities from various strategies.  Our core service is of course investment management, which can utilize the various account management strategies described on the Strategies pages.  We also realize many clients have the bulk of their savings in a captive 401k plan at their employer, with minimal guidance typically provided by a plan representative that frankly is unlikely to be a real expert in investment management.  This hole in the market place is being addressed by Reset IM by offering to help with allocations that mirror our strategies, or are customized for each investors.  See more below.



Putting numbers to the future is a great exercise and starting point for investors.  The proper way to execute financial planning is to look at your desired path and examine it relative to  an array of possibilities weighted by probabilities.  Overly rosy scenarios are not helpful.  Reset IM will guide you through this process and regularly review it with you.

Account Management


As described on the Strategies pages, Reset IM can help investors with approaches from a traditional asset allocation to an actively managed absolute return strategy.  We will work with you to decide what is best.

401K Allocations


This is one major area of investing with little help and large consequence.  Reset IM wants to help.  Clients can provide information about their employer sponsored 401K plan to Reset IM and we will provide selections within the plan that align with our strategies and market outlook, while meeting your philosophy and risk tolerance, as we do with all management.  For this service Reset IM will charge a flat annual fee, not a percentage of assets.