Different Philosophy

Popular Strategies offer poor risk/reward - Current industry standard of allocating across assets regardless of merit and remaining in markets at all times is too risky.  It creates a risk of large losses without recovery in time funds are needed.

Investing should be based  on merit - Identifying quality investments and managing risk will lead to good performance, regardless of what markets do.

Current conditions are extremely dangerous - Assets are priced overly optimistically.  Risk is extraordinarily high.  Returns for the next 10 years are likely to be very low, with large losses and high volatility  There's even potential for a historic market reset, damaging financial plans beyond repair.

Different structure

Beneficial Fee Set-up - Fees that are low, and fixed.  Industry fees are too high and nonsensically based on account size.

Help with all investing - Help with 401k plans regardless of where they are.  Help with not just stocks, bonds, and funds, but also private investments and any personal situation.

Different Background

Experienced investment manager, not just an advisor - 27 years professionally managing investments, not selling, acquiring clients, or "advising" through models. 

Motivation - Founded to offer honesty and integrity aside seasoned investing skill.